Danans Gillipus – short film

‘Nora is taken into hospital, having suffered from desilusions of grandure in which she believes she is the queen of butterflies called Danaus Gilippus. She also suffers visual and audiory hallucinations. In her imaginary world Nora believes that the nurses who have “caught” her and taken her to the hospital are doing so on the orders of the Queen-bee, who Nora believes is her biggest enemy. Slowly by meansof conversations with kind nurse Elizabeth, at the hospital, that is determined to help Nora, she is dragged into reality again and faced to deal with her traumas that have been causing her mental illness.’

The film was shot in Craighouse campus, a location that would also be ideal for our 3 min. film. Unfortunately Napier University has sold the campus and due to refurbishment we can not access the premises.
‘Danans Gillipus’ has a very unique style and atmosphere that is visible through out the whole film. I really like the high saturation and that the original gamut of the image exceeds the target gamut and results to the whites clipping. Overall I find the short film very inspiring and a very good visual reference.


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