In order to create a space within a space and add a more unique feel to the film set. I decided to make a canopy. The original idea was to set up a safari tent but I found the canopy idea more crafty. I bought net fabric from the Cloth Shop- Edinburgh ( I found it on sale and I managed to find a very vibrant peacock color which is very atmospheric and brings out the red lighting but also the pink and yellow flowers I decided to use instead of the poppies. ( I called many flower shops but didnt manage to find poppies this time of year)
Instead of using a circular frame for the canopy I made a square one out of bamboo poles/sticks that i then attached the fabric in an almost curtain like manner.
The canopy gave a great effect and pretty much transformed the film set although it was challenging working around it (especially when filming Graham’s POV shots from behind the bed). But was totally worth it!


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